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Friday, January 7, 2011

A kiss is NOT just a kiss.

As I work on a new book, I am reminded how the simple kiss can be extremely erotic. Kissing someone with whom you share chemistry can truly be an amazing experience.

Remember the moments leading up to a first kiss? The bit of anxiety and nervousness pumping through your veins as you lean closer. That anticipation making you breath a bit faster. Then it happens... That first touch of lips capturing your breath and stilling your heart for a split second only to start racing faster as you lean closer together. That first stroke of tongues along one another making you hold onto each other tighter... it. Of course the kiss is only special when you truly feel a connection (and a heap of sexual tension). I've kissed a few men in my time, but only a select few have ever made me feel so...amazing. A kiss is not just a kiss. With the right person, it is oh so much more.

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