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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . . .

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star . . .

As I sat back and read everyone’s blogs, there is a persistent theme: every contributor is a published author . . . except me. This wasn’t from lack of trying. I did . . . to a point. It’s just my callings in life are many instead of one, not saying all the other Marianne’s, Mary Anne, and so on do not have several callings, only that they put their writing first, while I use it as tool for enjoyment and release.

So . . . what do I do with my time? Well, you know the saying, curiosity killed the cat? That’s me. I used to hate that statement as a child. Who was Curiosity and how dare he kill a cat! My Mother would smile and say: “Don’t worry, Marianne. Satisfaction brought him back.”

Okay. That made me feel better but who was Satisfaction? I didn’t understand until I was older what those statements meant. Which brings me back to why my writing has been put on the back burner and I’ve devoted more time to my “other” interests: Astrology, Numerology, and The Tarot. Curiosity killed me about these subjects, but Satisfaction brought me back.


I am sitting at my desk at home, the computer on, Microsoft Word pulled up to my most recent novel when the phone rings.

Ennie meanie chilli beanie,” echoes my husband’s voice in the background as I absently picked it up.

I send him a dirty look but he’s right: someone has called asking for a reading, or a natal birth chart, or a Numerological chart. It doesn’t matter which. They all take time . . . time away from my writing – but it gives time to those who need help, which to me is more important.

I want to clarify, before I go any deeper, exactly what I do with these subjects, or as I call them: Knowledge. So much has been distorted that it’s hard to tell good from bad, people who are sincere and people who abuse and use. I also research those of us who are in these professions in order to tell my clients those who are good and those to avoid. Bad names are a dime a dozen but good ones impart wisdom . . . which is what I have sworn to serve.

I am spiritual about it too, asking God to guide me to His truth and not man’s. I have an innate distrust of man, checking for myself the answers and taking nothing for granted. I ask the same of anyone who reads this today. Don’t take my word but check the answers for yourself because what’s right for me may not be right for you. We are all born for a different reason. What we do with that reason is up to our “free will” – but there is a reason. You can take that to the bank!

Newspaper Astrology is a bunch a bull . . . the entire world bunched into one sun sign when the truth is we are many signs instead of one. Your sun sign is what you wish to accomplish this time around, a spit in the bucket so to say. A true natal birth chart is a psychological profile of yourself and includes ALL the planets, signs, and houses.

I take into account precession – the tilt and rotation of the earth’s orbit on its axis as it travels around the Sun. It was comical when CNN said we had to add another sign due to precession. “Idiots,” I thought. Simply subtract the hours, minutes, and seconds from the planets in order to place them where they were when one was born. No other sign is needed . . . just a little mathematical calculations and whola! Problem solved. Leave it to man to make things difficult.

I have written six novels, all of them romances but not the “normal” kind, seeing as I’m not normal. Then again . . . define normal? LOL. How did I pick the character of the heroes and heroines, the villains and the friends, hell! Everyone who graced the pages in these stories? I developed a psychological profile using what I know: Astrology and Numerology.

We truly are as differentiated and as vast as the Universe itself! On that thought I will leave you until next month where I will continue.

Marianne Gibson


  1. OMG-I'm published??? Where? When? Why am I always the last to know these things??? LOL! So Marianne, you say you're not normal, so does that mean you are "para"normal? Kepp the faith girl!

  2. Marianne...I thought you were published. What can I say except I'm "Abby" normal! LOL!


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