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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Quiz - Can You Answer These?

In honor of Valentine's Day...a day of love and's a quiz for you! See how many you can answer! Answers are at bottom! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

1. Who sent the oldest known Valentine around 1415?
Nicholas, Czar of Russia
Charles, Duke of Orleans
Napoleon, Emperor of France

2. St. Valentine is indeed the patron saint of love, but he has many other duties. He is also the patron saint of:
Bee keepers
Vinegar makers

3. Who sold the first mass-produced valentines in the US?
Esther Howland
Julia Chauncy
Mary Joy

4. Before it became fashionable to give chocolates and flowers, what was the traditional gift given by a man to a woman on St. Valentine's Day?
A pair of gloves
A piece of jewelry
A hair ribbon

5. How many Valentines Day cards are sold each year?
50 million
500 million
1 billion

6. Which shape have Necco Sweetheart Conversation Hearts never been made in?

7. Who is Cupid?
In Roman mythology, he is the son of Venus
In Greek mythology, he is the child of love
In Norse mythology, he is a winged child of Zeus
In Roman mythology, he is the king of other gods and goddesses

8. Where is Valentines Day not celebrated?
United Kingdom
United States

9. When were the first commercial Valentines Day cards sold?

10. Who created the first box of Valentines Day candy?
Richard Cadbury, 1868
George Hershey, 1910
Martha and Melvin Mars, 1945
Phil Snickers, 1880

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Quiz answers:
1. Charles
2. Bee keeper
3. Esther Howland
4. Gloves
5. 1 billion
6. Star
7. Roman Mythology, son of Venus
8. Sweden
9. 1840
10. Richard Cadbury

Photos: Flickr: Suchitra prints1, David Prior, toephotos, and D. Sharon Pruitt's photostreams.


  1. Marianne, I was surprised at the number of Valentine cards sold. I know I don't send as many as I used to.

    Interesting contest.

  2. I got about half of them right. (I even knew St. Valentine's was the patron saint of bee keepers ... good Catholic school girl that I am. ;) ) Great little quiz ladies!

  3. Got some of them but guessed wrong on some of the others... Fun. I love learning new stuff like that.

  4. Thanks Sandy, Nina, and Jean. I learned a few things with this quiz, too!

  5. Guessed correct answers for every one but 3,5 and 6! What a great trivia game...where did you come up with the questions???

  6. Thanks, Marianne. I Googled Valentine's Day...found some interesting information!


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