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Saturday, February 26, 2011

GMC...A Driving Force

GMC...A Driving Force. If that sounds like a new ad for General Motors, you're right, it does. But while GMC may be an acronym for a driving force in the automobile industry, the GMC I'm talking about has absolutely nothing to do with fuel least as far as cars go.

No, the GMC I'm referring to is something totally different. It stands for Goals, Motivation and Conflict, and nothing is more important when it comes to fueling a story. It is the hero/heroine's goals...what they want out of life or where it is they want to be...their motivation for getting to that place and the conflicts, both inner and outer they have to overcome in order to get there. In other words, the fuel that moves a story forward.

Most storylines have some sort of conflict and motivation, but for a story to really grasp the reader it has to be something they can sink their imaginations into, something that grabs hold and doesn't let go.

Many times authors miss the mark simply by not paying enough attention. Goal, Motivation and Conflict...three simple words. But just like the words, I love you, those simple words pack quite a punch, and can often mean the difference between getting the 'call' or instead, getting a rejection. Between having a series where the readers can't wait for the next release, and one that just sits there.

Strong GMC is essential to a character's development. It aids in creating relatable characters, plus it helps keep the pace of a story moving forward...something many editors have told me is one of the things they look for when deciding whether or not to contract a story.

Besides a good story concept to start, I believe GMC is one of the most important factors needed for good writing. What do you think? How do you go about creating GMC in your stories?

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  1. Wow-I'm still new to the craft and the lingo that comes along with it. Thanks for the new brain wrinkle Marianne!


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