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Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to the world of Marianne, Marianna, Maryann, and Mary Anne!

Our name is many ways to spell it but it sounds the same (with the exception of Marianna since there's an "a" at the end, but it's close enough for our group!). We're all writers/authors of romance with a passion for different genres.

Busts of French "Marianne"

"Marianne" on face of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris

Here are some facts about "Marianne":

Songs of "Marianne":

"C'mon Marianne": The Four Seasons
"Fare Thee Well, Marianne": Happy Traum
"Marianne": Toni Amos
"So Long Marianne": Leonard Cohen
"Mary Ann" (sifting sand-most popular): Harry Belafonte
"Mary Ann with the Shaky Hand": The Who
"Jimmy Loves Maryann": Josie Cotton
"Frustrated Maryann": Arlene Hattori
"My Girl Maryanne": The Spongetones
"Mary Ann Regrets": Burl Ives
"Marianna": Gibson Brothers

Famous "Mariannes"

Mary Ann Cotton: English Serial Killer!
Mary Ann Shadd: Journalist, lecturer
Mary Ann Evans (George Eliot): Author (Silas Marner)
Mary Ann Mobley: Miss America 1965
Mary Ann Ball Bickerdyke: Famous Civil War Nurse
Marianne Faithfull: Singer
Marianne Moore: Poet
Marianne Williamson: New Age Guru
Marianne Jean-Baptiste: Actress
Marianne Timmer: Olympic Medalist
Marianne Vos: Netherlands Athlete

Meaning of "Marianne": Sea of Bitterness

History of the name, "Marianne":

Marianne is a national emblem of France. She represents France as a nation and its history.
Her profile is on the official seal of France, first appeared on a postage stamp in 1849, was on the French franc and now on French Euro coins.

Both artist Honore Daumier and sculptor Francois Rade gave "life" to images of "Marianne".

French "Marianne" Franc Note

French "Marianne" Stamp

Stop by on our blog days and see how "Mariannes", although we share a similar sounding name with different spellings, all have one thing in common...romance!

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  1. Thanks for the great kick off for the blog. Marianne Stephens. Gosh, that appears so formal, but with all the Marianne's here.....

    I'm lucky. I think I am the only one with the spelling Maryann.

    For my blog on the 21st, I'll mention a song that you missed here. May have been too obscure.

  2. Great post!

    I'd never researched the history behind the name. It's very interesting - even if mine is the "old fashioned" Southern spelling (Mary Anne - with an e).

    I look forward to everyone's posts and I especially look forward to perusing all the comments to come.

    Mary Anne Graham

  3. Sea of bitterness doesn't sound a bit like you, Marianne. Interesting hisotory of your name.

  4. I was a little lose to start with when looking at books and reading the excerpts. I am all way do things backward. After reading the blog posting I see you all have the same name first name. Cool research on your name.

  5. reat research ! Makes me want to do more research on the French part. Sea of bitterness is very sad. I think we should have a contest to come up with a new definition!!

  6. Good morning my fellow Mariannes!!!

    Like many of you I was the only 'MARIANNE' in my class...straight through high school. I guess it was one of the things that helped carve out my individuality. My favorite song with 'our' name in it is Boston's 'More Than A Feeling'... "I see my Marianne walkin' away..."

    Well writing gives me much, much more than a feeling. It's what makes me who I I breathe. I've never done a blog before, and since I'm a child of the 80s, a little techie illiterate as well! But I'm thrilled to be part of it all and am looking forward to my blog date with all of you on October 26th.

    Till then....keep writing, keep reading, and keep the romance alive!

    Marianne Morea
    Author, Hunter's Blood.


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