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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Teacher of schoolgirl fantasies...

Hello everyone. This is my first post on this blog, so I guess I better introduce myself.

I write as Marianne LaCroix. "Marianne" is a pen name, but I have been called that as long as I can remember. Most of my writer pals call me Mari (Mar-E or Mary). Even my BFF calls me Mari. LOL

I write erotic romance as Marianne, and I have books out with Ellora's Cave, Pocket Books, Resplendence Publishing, Total-e-Bound, and soon, Imajinn Books. I've had two RT "Top Picks" which went on to be RT Reviewer Choice nominees. I've had a few CAPA nominations, and one CAPA win. Several of my books have been on "Recommended Read" lists on review sites like Fallen Angels Reviews, eCataromance and Road to Romance. I've also had a few PEARL nominations, and a PEARL Honorable Mention. One of the coolest recognitions I'd ever had was being featured in the RWA's magazine, the RWR, in Febriary 2010 for their Writers on Writing feature.

I've written many subgenres of erotic romance from vampire (Descendants of Darkness, Eternal Embrace), shapeshifter, (Beast in My Bed, Lady Sheba), historical (Crossed Swords), time travel (Sea Hawk's Mistress), contemporary (Rosy Cheeks, Let's Get Naked) and paranormal fantasy (Warrior Lover, Scorpion King). I don't really have a favorite as it changes all the time to whatever inspires me at the moment.

My upcoming releases are both from Ellora's Cave, Rosy Cheeks and Let's Get Naked. Let's Get Naked is a freebie in the Naughty Nooners series. My story is a quick tale of an older woman lusting for a younger man. I admit, this particular fantasy was fueled by a hot younger man I know. Heh heh.  Rosy Cheeks is a very scorching story featuring the schoolgirl fantasy paired with lots of spanking. Picture a "Gil Grissom" type hero teaching a much needed lesson to his naughty pupil who asks to give lip service for extra credit in algebra. Think he can be bribed? Nope, I don't think so either. I know all too well that stern algebra teachers can not be bribed. Heh heh. Rosy Cheeks is part of the Merry Kinkmas series coming this holiday season.

Currently I am working on a historical vampire novella for Imajinn Books. The novella, The Devil's Web, is a spin on the old poem The Spider and The Fly. I admit, a man gave me the idea when he acted like a predator to me in a little messaging. I was, of course, the innocent prey. (After all, I am innocent, right? No? Yeah, you're probably right.) When he said to me "said the spider to the fly", the idea hit me. What if the prey wanted to be caught? (No, he never did catch me by the way, but I still had fun.)

Marianne LaCroix


  1. I'm a little exhausted reading about everything you've accomplished!!! Eek... my blog day is next. What to say???

  2. You are very prolific...great accomplishments!
    So the "fly" gets to be in control, right? Anything can happen in romance books!

  3. Older woman-younger man? Hmm...I hit the half century mark this year and have spent the better part of the last 2 years lusting after Taylor Lautner so no, I wouldn't know anything about that concept! Gotta pick up that read-great first post girl!

  4. I've been doing this since I've got the time factor to give me the chance to accomplish what I've done.

    Well, the fly doesn't control the situation, but she is a very willing "prey". LOL

    I never gave the older woman / younger man scenario much thought until last year when a hot 27 yr old turned my head and fueled quite a few fantasies. LOL

  5. Enjoyed your introduction, Mari.

    I've got a funny story about an older woman younger man, but I may just save it for my blog later this month. Was wondering what to write about, and this might just work as part of my introduction.

  6. Nice intro . . so far the two Marianne's have accomplished quite a bit! Sort leaves me in the dust! Pleased to meet you and looking forward to all your other blogs.
    P. S. If the fly where in my house the gecko would get him! LOL Happy Haunting!

  7. Your accomplishments are impressive, but what really bowls me over is that you adopted the name.

    Growing up I went through a rather lengthy stage where I hated my name. I got it to honor my grandmother and as a teen I used to wish so much that I'd been named my Mom's other choice (Angela).

    I grew into the name. For most of my life I've been honored to be named after a woman as amazing as my late grandmother - all the grands called her Mammy.

    Still, there's a little part of the teen left somewhere inside marvelling that you picked the name!! I look forward to all the blog posts from someone feisty enough to decide to be a Marianne.

    Mary Anne Graham

  8. Howdy! Came to visit my "partner in crime" and who should I find but you! I miss all of you! How are things going?

  9. Yikes...a little nervous about posting after you guys! What to do...what to do... But this seems like so much fun. Gotta spread the love ladies...and the chocolate!

  10. Judy!!! Hey girl! I wish you would come back. I know you are super busy, but we miss ya. :)

    Thank you to everyone for coming and commenting.


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