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Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Story . . .

I almost forgot that today was my day to post! Duh me!!!!!! Since I am so unprepared, I decided to post another short story from Creative Writers. This one is a five word challenge the words being: opprobrious, uxorious, poodle-fakers, persiflage and sartorial. Hope you enjoy it.


I died today. At least, that’s what the paper says back home on Earth. It looks infinitesimal from where I’m at now, barely a speck. How I got here is another story.

I remember being dressed with sartorial elegance in the dinning room of my house, all my opprobrious guests impressed. Six couples, three uxorious men, two who were lost (or perhaps they didn’t care?) definite poodle-fakers, were persiflage to me. I mean . . . I was and always had been, way above them.

I had brought them together to ‘rub it’ in their faces. Envy, lust, greed filled their eyes whenever they dined in my Father’s mansion. They didn’t care about me so much as the fact they were here. I let them think they got away with it.

Cathy and Rob were the poodle fakers, a pair of them! How did I get so lucky? No luck in involved here. They were my bloody cousins!

Rob and Dee, Suzanne and Dustin were from another branch of the family, my mother’s, the ones who didn’t care. They hardened their hearts and those of their children against me but it was out of my control. It made my periodic dinners a personal victory. They may not like me but they’ll never be rid of me. That’s one of the advantages of being family.

George and Nancy, Todd and Victoria, and Jack and Julia made my blood boil the most. Watching the three men wait on their whiny wives was intolerable. I swear! Lord only knows what would have happened had I not been taken.

That’s another thing that sort of worked out in my favor too, disappearing like that. People say they’ve been abducted by aliens all the time. I brushed them off as crazy. Nothing like eating your words!

Who would have thought? Not me and yet here I am, sitting in the navigation room of a starcruiser. I prefer to call it that instead of spaceship. Believe me . . . if you ever see one you’ll understand where I’m coming from.

Anyway . . . it was convenient to find out I had been wrong and life on other planets did exist. The dessert, the cheesecake with cherries - something I did not partake of – was laced with arsenic. I had grown tired of having relatives who were worthless in their demeanor and morals. Time to bring it to an end. I sat back in my chair, ready to bask in watching them die when a bright light blinded me. When I could see, I was not in my dinning room but onboard the starcruiser.

I’ve yet to meet the aliens though. Everyone I see looks just like me. Their names are a bit odd but that’s it. All the time I watched sci-fi films with unspeakable aliens and they were like everything else involved with Earth . . . a lie.

I was abducted before everyone ate the cheesecake too, which is why the paper I read on the computer said I was dead, that I’d vanished before their very eyes. Damn Rob and Dee live in my father’s mansion. They think they’re someone now but they’ll always be persiflage.

And as for me . . . I sort of like it here. Its quiet routine is very sufficient. The only things I don’t like are the bars across my room at night. You would have thought the aliens would have a force field instead of these blasted bars. You would have . . .

“Light outs, Jeremy,” Dexter, a prison guard, sneered between the bars I hated. “Put the pen and notebook down. You can finish writing tomorrow.”

Sighing, I do as asked. You see, I really didn’t get abducted by aliens from another planet like I’d like to believe, but by the police. It didn’t matter how elegantly dressed, how above I was. When it came to murder, I went away with the best . . . Charles Manson is down the hall.

©Copyright June 2010

M. L Huey

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